AHS & NADC Joint Bursary Partner Program


Grow your career in northern Alberta

This unique bursary opportunity offered in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) allows you the chance to not only fund your education, but also experience the fantastic lifestyle that Northern Alberta has to offer.

Northern Alberta covers a large area of wildly varied landscape: sweeping prairies, dense forests, and picturesque lake country are just some of the sights to see. Discover an outdoor playground just steps from your door, meet new people, or return to your hometown to make a difference in the community you love.

Grow your career in Northern Alberta and see the places it can take you. You will gain exposure to a wider range of conditions within your scope of practice, and you’ll be encouraged to learn as you go. A lower cost of living helps you enjoy a higher quality of life as you launch your career in health care.

This bursary partnership program will match between $1,000 and $3,000 per student – to a potential total of $6,000 per year. Successful applicants must be able to sign separate Return of Service Agreements from both AHS and the NADC. To satisfy the terms of both Agreements, students will be required to obtain a position at an AHS facility within the NADC’s geographic area (locations in the blue section).

A portion of the funding is designated to support individuals who self-identify as Indigenous. Students who identify themselves as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, or Métis) must be able to provide proof of status upon acceptance of the award.

If you are interested in pursuing employment in Northern Alberta and meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply!

How to apply

Check back in August 2024 for updated application information.

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from motivated students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must not be a current employee of AHS.
  • You are open to experiencing employment in Northern Alberta (locations in blue).
  • You are enrolled full-time in a clinical healthcare related post-secondary program for the 2022/2023 school year; program must be designated by Alberta Advanced Education.
  • You have been a resident of Alberta for twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the start of your program,
  • You are not in default of a provincial student loan.
  • You must be at arm's length from the sponsor (not related and selected by impartial means)
  • You must have reasonably good prospects for employment in Northern Alberta upon graduation.
  • You cannot receive both the NADC Bursary and the AHS & NADC Joint Bursary during the same school year. You can receive more than one partnership bursary; however, the total matching funds from the NADC cannot exceed $3,000 in the same academic year.

Additional eligibility criteria as identified by AHS (i.e. locations under pressure and occupations in demand) will be taken into consideration.

Important: Recipients of this bursary are obligated to obtain a position with AHS that meets the terms of the Return of Service Agreement. Neither AHS nor the NADC are required to find or hold a position on behalf of bursary recipients. Receipt of this award is not an offer of employment.

Selection and Notification Process

1. All applications will be reviewed by an AHS selection committee. Each application is treated in a confidential manner.

2. Applications are rated on a standard scale to ensure fair and impartial review.

3. Successful applicants will:

  1. be contacted via e-mail before mid-December.
  2. be asked to complete the NADC Application (Bursary Partnerships Program Student Application) and sign an AHS Return of Service Agreement.
  3. need to meet the eligibility requirements (listed above and on the application form) to be eligible for the AHS portion of the bursary.

4. A copy of the confirmation e-mail, the Bursary Partnerships Program Student Application, and AHS Return of Service documents must be mailed to Talent Acquisition. Contact details will be provided in the confirmation e-mail.

5. Successful applicants agree to have their personal information shared between AHS, the NADC and Alberta Advanced Education

6. The NADC shares required information with the Alberta Advanced Education to complete their eligibility review.

7. If deemed eligible, Alberta Advanced Education provides the successful candidates the NADC Return of Service agreement.

8. AHS and Alberta Advanced Education will issue separate payments to recipients after the NADC Return of Service Agreement has been signed and received, and program enrollment has been confirmed.

Note: The amount of support and required Return of Service are subject to change if the student’s eligibility changes at any time before this service commences. This may require the student to sign a new agreement with AHS and/or the NADC.

Return of Service Agreement

Successful applicants will receive two Return of Service Agreements: one for AHS and one for the NADC (via Alberta Advanced Education).

Each agreement will require one month (or the equivalent number of hours) of Return of Service for each $500 of total bursary support (i.e., if your total bursary amount is $3,000, then a successful candidate would need to return six (6) months full-time work or equivalent part-time or casual hours). The Return of Service Agreements for the AHS & NADC Joint Bursary Partnership program is served concurrently, but consecutive to any other Return of Service Agreements with AHS or the NADC.

Recipients who do not meet the terms within the Return of Service Agreements will be required to repay the bursary (or bursaries) as explained in the agreements.

Application Tips

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you complete your application form:

1. When answering the written questions, provide as much detail as you are comfortable with. It helps us get to know you and assess how you align with the goals of the joint bursary and the mission, vision and values of Alberta Health Services.

2. Do your research on northern Alberta and what it has to offer in terms of both your career and recreation opportunities. It is also beneficial to research the current and projected job market.

3. We receive a high number of qualified applications every year – don’t be discouraged if you are initially unsuccessful. If you are eligible for the following year, please apply again!


If you have questions that have not been addressed please email