Work Experience

Work Experience


Earn credit toward your high school diploma while pursuing a wide variety of work experience options within Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Follow the steps below to get started!

Please note: As AHS continues to work through the challenges of COVID-19, Job Shadows and Observational Experience are open on a limited basis to ensure control measures are met, risk is mitigated and operations is supportive.

Getting started is as easy as ready, set, go!

This is a great way to explore careers and find the right one for you! Your AHS mentor will ensure that you are provided with a valuable experience that provides a realistic look at the career you want to explore.

Ready? Before you start the Work Experience:

Set? Preparing for the Work Experience:

  • Meet with your parent(s) and Off Campus Coordinator to discuss the many unique opportunities within AHS.
  • The Off Campus Education Coordinator will complete the Work Experience Planning Tool which is designed to assist with these discussions.
  • Your Off Campus Coordinator, you, your parent(s) and your AHS mentor will agree on the details of your work experience assignment.
  • The Off Campus Agreement is sent to AHS.
  • Complete the Work Experience Prerequisites.

Go! Work Experience Commencement:

You are ready to begin your work experience at AHS!