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Dianna is one of the many allied health professionals making an impact at AHS every day.

In her work as a physiotherapist, she helps patients improve their quality of life, reduce pain, and improve ability through exercises, stretches, strengthening and more.

Mental Health Therapist

At Access 24/7, Kristina is making a difference to patients by connecting them to much needed mental health services.

Service Worker

Jordan discusses his role, and what it's like working at AHS, while his unit manager elaborates on the positive impact he has on the team.

Alberta Kidney Care North

Caitlin, Lianna and Lisa help patients throughout the dialysis process and provide education for managing kidney disease.

EEG Technologists

Sharon and Dalia describe their careers in electroneurophysiology and work at the Stollery Children's Hospital.


Hope specializes in diagnosing hearing loss and supporting intervention as early as possible.

Travel Nurse

Choose your own adventure! A placement as a travel nurse is an exciting opportunity to explore northern Alberta.