Julie, Speech Language Pathologist

Frontline SLP to Provincial Practice Director

Julie - January 2024

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, Julie has grown her career over 30+ years based in the rural communities of Vermillion and Kitscoty, Alberta, into her current role... Read More

Keith, Program Director

Social Worker to Program Director

Keith - January 2024

Over the past 13 years, Keith Goerzen has grown his career and professional practice from that of a frontline social worker, to his current role... Read More

Keith, Program Director

OT to Senior Trainer

Michael - January 2024

Michael Yutadco is a registered Occupational Therapist. He has worked at various rural and urban sites providing frontline care and progressed... Read More

Anita, Social Worker

Social Worker to Clinical Expert

Anita - January 2024

Anita Kante has always wanted to contribute and make a difference – she’s always worked in social work or in similar fields, such as counselling... Read More

Andrea, Indigenous Health Advisor

Supporting Indigenous Wellness

Andrea - July 2023

Andrea, a Senior Advisor with the North Zone Indigenous Health program, helps ensure the services we provide at Alberta Health Services are culturally... Read More

Maria, Psychiatrist

Safe Spaces and Healthcare for All

Maria - March 2023

Meet Maria, a 2SLGBTQIA+ community member and psychiatrist who is proud to help make gender-affirming care accessible to more Albertans... Read More

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