New Grad Physiotherapists

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Kaylynn, Eric, and Camira share their experience working with a collaborative and supportive team.

Food Services Supervisor

Christine describes how working in a rural community is an ideal fit for her lifestyle.

Registered Nurse - Dialysis

Emmaculate plays an important role in improving the quality of life for patients and families living with kidney disease.

Maintenance IV

Joe advocates for patient and caregiver safety by ensuring beds, operating tables, and overhead lifts are in safe working condition.

Volunteer Coordinator

Have a passion for volunteering? Sylvia explains her role interviewing, training and managing volunteers.

Ophthalmic Medical Tech

Ultrasound, photography and visual field testing. Laura describes how the tests she performs aid doctor's in their diagnose.

Health & Safety Advisor

Jo Ann describes how she supports patient care by keeping front-line staff healthy and safe.

Speech Language Pathologist

Tina describes her entry point as a unit clerk in college, discovering her career path, and enjoying the mobility that comes with her career.

Human Resources Analyst

Christine describes the variety and diversity of the workforce that keeps things interesting for her role, while still allowing work-life balance.