Administrative Professional Week

Monica, Administrative Assistant

April 21, 2022

Meet Monica

For Administrative Professional Week 2022, we spoke to Monica Gonsalves, an administrative assistant on the Talent Acquisition team. While at Alberta Health Services (AHS), she has experienced numerous major milestones both professionally and personally. Read on below to hear how she came to work for AHS and the accomplishments that have shaped her experiences as an employee.

How did you come to work at AHS?

Monica: I started considering AHS as an employer several years ago. I was compelled by the values, purpose, and general structure of AHS as an organization. Their work on inclusion and diversity has made AHS recognized as one of the top places to work in Alberta and Canada. And the employee testimonials I have seen have shared the enthusiasm AHS staff have, as well as that AHS encourages employee growth. I said to myself that I would love to join AHS and continue to create great work and grow within the company by learning new skills.

What does your average day look like?

Monica: The most interesting part of this job is that there is no ‘typical’ day for an administrative assistant. One day I could be busy scheduling meetings and another day I could be making presentations for leaders or tutoring the trainees on how to use applications. Things are always changing to meet the needs of the organization and Albertans.

Can you tell us a bit about the major milestones you've experienced while working at AHS?

Monica: I became a Canadian citizen and a mother while working at AHS, and personal milestones are celebrated with my team as much as professional ones. Working during the pandemic has also been a unique and challenging milestone, adapting to the ever-changing needs in real time. For me, one of the most important things is to have a good work life balance and AHS helped me get that.

How has your team supported your professional and personal growth?

Monica: An employee is like a company’s lifeblood, when employees are able to find success in their own lives, the organization flourishes. With an amazing boss and coworkers, I was able to achieve success in both my personal and professional life. Having a supportive team where we celebrate our collective successes makes it possible to do impactful work every day.

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