Home Care Request for Expression of Interest & Qualification (RFEOIQ)

Continuing Care

As a result of the Request for Expression of Interest and Qualification issued in June 2022, Alberta Health Services has signed new seven-year contracts with 10 service providers for community home care services. The new contracts will improve the quality of reporting and measurement, as well as identify opportunities for innovation.

These contracts are for community home care services that were previously contracted out in South, Central, Calgary and Edmonton Zones. AHS will continue to provide home care services in North Zone.

In the 2022/23 fiscal year, 126,860 clients received home care in Alberta, and 39,395 of those clients received care from contracted providers.

As a result of the new contracts, the majority of home care clients will not see a change in service provider. AHS estimates that approximately 2,280 clients will be transitioned to new service providers in the coming months, over half of whom are in the Calgary Zone. Case Managers and AHS staff will be working directly with these clients to ensure there are no disruptions to their care.

AHS would like to thank all service providers who submitted proposals in response to the RFEOIQ. Each proposal was evaluated carefully, and from the dozens that were received, contracts were signed with 10 providers. Approximately 21 providers remain on the prequalified list to be considered for future contracting opportunities.

The goal of the RFEOIQ process was to identify areas of innovation while improving access and quality of home care. AHS and Alberta Health continue to work together to improve continuing care options for all Albertans by expanding access to both facility-based and home care services.

Work is still underway to evaluate proposals related to innovative solutions for specialized clients (for example, Pediatrics, ALC, Complex Care, Palliative Care, Wellness, Short Term clients, Equipment, Day and Night Programs). Results of these evaluations will be communicated as they become available.

Home care is critical to the continuing care system as it allows Albertans to remain in their homes longer, connected to their communities and closer to loved ones and support networks. It also allows acute and facility-based care spaces to remain available to those clients who require it.

If you are a current client or family member of a client, please reach out to your Case Manager, or email questions to continuingcare@ahs.ca. Learn more about continuing care options in Alberta at Continuing Care.