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Patient Food Services

"Meals Matter" - Patient Food Services (PFS) provides quality food services to patients and residents to support optimal patient outcomes and quality of life.

Patient Food Services overarching objectives are to:

  • Offer quality food and food choice, to support Patient Centered Care
  • Work with the whole care team to ensure that Meals Matter
  • Foster a positive meal experience that results in enjoyment of meals, as well as improved satisfaction and food intake that supports recovery
  • Provide menus that are based on “Canada’s Food Guide” and that are adaptable for therapeutic requirements
  • Offer appealing food that encourages eating for health
  • Provide meal service styles appropriate to the patient population (e.g. tray service, dining room service) and meal delivery systems that support safe high quality food served at appropriate temperatures to the correct patient / resident

PFS delivers more than 31,000 patient/resident meals each day within AHS facilities.

Contact Details

Mineral Springs Hospital

305 Lynx Street
Banff, Alberta
T1L 1H7
403-762-2222 (Switchboard)

This facility is wheelchair accessible.

Hours of Operation

Resident Food Services 0700-1800 7 days a week Cafeteria Meal Service: 0900-1800 7 days a week

Service Providers May Include
cooks, food service management, food service workers, registered dietitians


Covenant Health, Capital Care

Service Locations
Also Known As
Nutrition and Food Services