Our interactive touch table was designed and built through our partnership with NAIT, our local polytechnic.

The Touch Table features a height and angle adjustable base with a 55”, 10-point multi-touch screen; basically a large height and angle adjustable tablet computer. The system features a large suite of games allowing for treatment of patients with upper extremity impairments, as well as cognitive and visual impairments.

The games are highly customizable, allowing our therapists to custom tailor the games to each individual patient’s abilities and goals. The ReTouch system (a commercial product) released in 2013 by Rehabtronics now offers integration of a Microsoft Kinect system, allowing us to now treat patients with balance and gross motor impairments.


This device from local company Rehabtronics was originally designed for the treatment of stroke patients suffering upper limb impairment.

The system features a number of sensors which allow for the simulation of turning a key or doorknob, picking up a peg or coin, opening a jar, grip strength as well as gross range of motion.

The sensors tie back into a laptop featuring a number of different games to make therapy more fun and engaging for our patients.

One of the great benefits of the system is the hand function test. This test allows us to compare our patients versus a standard healthy individual, allowing for “real time” feedback on how the patient is progressing and where more focus is required.

The system also offers a tele-rehabilitation feature that we hope in the future will allow us to work with patients remotely.