The Building Trades of Alberta Courage Centre (BTACC) is one of the most technologically advanced rehabilitation and research centres in Canada.

The Centre has significantly changed the landscape of rehabilitation research by allowing investigators and clinicians to share new knowledge, treatments, assistive and interventional technologies to improve and enhance lives that have been affected by disability and age.

As the first centre of its kind in western Canada, it contains state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment which serves as a learning environment for advanced research and innovation in rehabilitative care and treatment.

The Centre’s goal is to develop and support clinical use of innovative therapies that decrease health care costs, shorten lengths of stay, while assisting patients improve their functional mobility, increase their activity and enhance participation in the community.

The BTACC provides researchers and clinicians with the tools they need to find practical solutions to every day, real-world challenges.

As the hub of rehabilitation research and the clinical implementation of technology, the BTACC is divided into three main domains: