I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Mission Statement

The mission of the I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology is to positively affect, through the use of assistive technology, the lives of people who have disabilities.

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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is used to help people who have disabilities to do things for themselves - to be active and independent. Activities of daily living can be impossible for you if you have severe disabilities. The use of assistive technology can give you greater control over your life, and help you be more involved in activities at home, at work and in your community. More simply put, it helps you do things for yourself.

Some examples of how assistive technology can be used during daily activities include managing the telephone, using a wheelchair to get around at home and in the community, using speech generating communication devices to communicate with others, operating equipment to turn on lights, the TV and appliances, using the computer to read or write, or to learn new skills. Assistive technology can be used in many important ways throughout your day.

The term assistive technology covers both the hard technology – the tools, special equipment or devices, as well as the soft technology – information and training, to help you, your family and support workers learn how to set up and use the technology appropriately. The solutions suggested may be simple “no tech” ideas and strategies, “low tech” systems or more complex “high tech” tools. In many cases the solutions may be a combination of all of these.