Trauma Training Initiative

Information for Health Professionals

The Trauma Training Initiative is responsive to a broad range of professional development needs targeting foundational to advanced Addiction & Mental Health competency development. It is relevant for health care providers who support people with any traumatic experience. This training initiative focuses on enhancing knowledge of trauma-informed care and developing trauma-focused skills for practice. It consists of two parts; The Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) e-Learning series and the Trauma-Focused Skills (TF) Workshop Series.

Each part has been acreditated as a Self-assessment (TIC) or Simulation Activity (TF) program (Section 3) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and approved by the University of Calgary Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development. It is duly accredited by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) e-Learning Series

The TIC e-Learning Series consists of seven (7) foundational self-study modules, each of which can be completed in approximately 30 minutes or less. The modules have been designed for a broad audience, including those providing Addiction & Mental Health treatment services. The content has been developed using evidence-informed best practices and is organized sequentially to create a seamless, flowing learning experience; the modules should be taken in order.

AHS Staff

Search for "Trauma-Informed Care" in MyLearningLink. Upon completing all seven (7) modules, your certificate of participation will be available on MyLearningLink.

Non-AHS Staff

For non-AHS staff, the e-Learning modules are accessible below. Please complete the pre-competency survey before beginning the modules. Upon completion of the course, you must complete the post-competency survey and the certificate request form to obtain your certificate of participation.

The use of a modern web browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox is required.

Pre-Competency Survey: Please complete this before beginning the modules.

Post-Competency Survey: Please complete this after finishing the modules.

Non-AHS Staff: Request a Certificate

Non-AHS staff can request a certificate after filling out the Pre-Competency Survey, finishing the TIC modules, and completing the Post-Competency Survey. To request a certificate, fill in the online Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Request.

Trauma-Focused Skills (TF) Workshop Series

The Trauma-Focused Skills Workshop Series consists of five (5) online workshops that are three hours long. Going beyond the knowledge gained within the TIC e-Learning series, the workshops will discuss creating safety, identifying stabilization skills and supporting strategies to enhance health care providers' knowledge and confidence while working with trauma survivors. The content has been organized sequentially to create a seamless, flowing learning experience; the workshops are to be taken in order, and all five must be completed to obtain a certificate of participation. The TIC e-Learning modules are a pre-requisite for the workshop series.

**This workshop series is not a replacement for trauma-specific treatment intervention training but covers the groundwork principles that underlie most trauma-specific interventions. It offers generalized training for health care providers to develop foundational skills in the areas of safety building and stabilization.**

AHS Staff

To view the schedule or register for the workshops, search for the "Trauma-Focused Skills Workshop Series" on MyLearningLink. Currently, these workshops are only available to AHS staff.

Acknowledgments, Disclosures & Strategies for Mitigation of Bias

This initiative has received no commercial sponsorship support. It was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity, and balance, highlighting the most current practice standards and guidelines.

The content has been compiled by a committee of experts recognized for their clinical expertise in the treatment of Addiction & Mental Health. Each member has disclosed conflicts of interest in alignment with the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities.

The Trauma Training Initiative Planning Committee Disclosures are included for your review.