Syphilis Outbreak

Information for Health Professionals


  • The number of infectious syphilis and gonorrhea cases have increased dramatically in Alberta since 2014.
  • Gonorrhea cases have more than doubled since 2014: nearly 5,000 cases in 2022 versus 1,900 cases in 2014
  • Over 3,300 infectious syphilis cases have been reported in 2022 compared to 160 cases in 2014
  • Since 2014, there have been over 290 cases of congenital syphilis, resulting in more than 50 still births

Key Messages


Encourage discussion about STI/HIV screening with all sexually active persons during routine office visits and consider offering STI/HIV testing to all patients as routine care.


Who should be tested?



All cases of syphilis should be managed in consultation with STI Centralized Services.