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Queen Elizabeth II Ambulatory Care Centre - North Zone Bariatrics

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Service Details/Contact Info

View the following service listing to access a service overview, eligibility criteria, hours of operation, contact information and a street map.

For Your Appointment

  • Once your referral is sent to the clinic from your provider, you will be you will receive a letter that your referral has been received and that you can now book the one-hour Introduction to Bariatric Surgery virtual class.
  • You are expected to see your team members on a regular basis. On average you will have 1-2 visits per month.
  • You will need to bring: your food journal and a medication list.

Parking Information

There is a cost for parking, refer to the parking map for rates.

Finding Us

Enter through the Mackenzie Place entrance and walk past the elevators. Turn at your first left. It is the first door on your right and the second desk once you enter

What to Expect

Expect to be well supported by a multidisciplinary team that includes a Registered Nurse, a Registered Dietitian, a Psychologist, a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician as well as a friendly administrative staff member and a Clinic Coordinator.

The team is here for you whether you choose surgery or are more interested in medical management:

  • Medical Management
    • Work with the supports of the clinic for 12 months using lifestyle changes and medication to manage weight
  • Choosing Surgery
    • Work with the supports of the clinic using lifestyle changes and medication with the goal of undergoing Bariatric Surgery for weight loss.

Team Members

  • Clerk – Front Desk and booking appointments
  • Registered Nurse – guides you through the clinic processes, discussing your goals and lifestyle changes
  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician - conducts regular follow-ups, prescribes medications (as needed), sends orders and referrals (as needed)
  • Registered Dietitian – will not provide you with meal plans, but they will work with you to learn the best way to eat for your health needs, assist with meal planning, and problem solving your nutrition
  • Psychologist – works with you to discuss the emotional reasons for eating and how they may be affecting your health
  • Surgeon – If you choose to have surgery and are approved by the team, you will meet with the surgeon from the Edmonton team for a consultation about surgery.


  • You are not on the waiting list for surgery until your consult with the surgeon.
  • The time from your referral to the Grande Prairie Bariatric Specialty Clinic until surgery can take years. The wait time to surgery depends on the length of time it takes to meet the criteria, while working with the clinic on lifestyle changes and medication
  • Surgery will take place in Edmonton
  • Expect a 3-5 day stay

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