Bariatric Surgery in Alberta

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Helping You Achieve Better Health

Obesity is a complex and chronic disease that requires lifelong management. The three main components of obesity management are:

  • lifestyle changes (healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional or psychological health) 
  • medications that treat obesity
  • bariatric (weight loss) surgery

Bariatric surgery can help people with obesity manage their health and weight. At a bariatric specialty clinic, you and your healthcare team will work together to achieve your best health and decide if bariatric surgery is the right treatment for you.

If you are a healthcare provider, visit Bariatric Surgery, Information for Health Professionals.

Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinics

Within Alberta Health Services there are 5 Bariatric Specialty Clinics, each offering varying services depending on the site. Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat offer both medical weight management and bariatric surgery. Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary offer bariatric surgery only.

A referral from your physician or nurse practitioner is required.

To view a description of each of the services, including hours, location and contact information, choose one of the service listings below: