Consent to Treatment/Procedure(s) Policy Information for Medical Staff

A clinical policy came into effect October 31, 2010: Consent to Treatment / Procedure(s). All AHS employees and members of the medical, dental, podiatry and midwifery staff are required to follow the policy.

UPDATE - New Consent Policy Forms (Effective October 22, 2013)

In response to staff and physician input, the Consent to Specific Treatment/Procedure form (09741) has been revised into three separate consent forms:

A separate consent form for Blood Borne Virus testing when not associated with a specific procedural consent has also been developed: Consent to Blood Testing for Blood Borne Viruses (18213).

For more information, including how to use the forms, please see the Education Resources section.

Note: the Consent to Treatment/Procedure(s) policy has not changed.




New Consent Forms (Effective October 22, 2013) are currently available on the internal AHS intranet site: Insite. Physicians are asked to order the new Consent Forms using current processes

Education Resources

The following education materials are still relevant, with exception of any reference to the prior Consent to Specific Treatment/Procedure form (09741). In this case, please refer to the above resources.