Nursing Transcripts

Official Transcripts

Schools of Nursing have been a fundamental part of Calgary’s hospitals. Calgary General Hospital for example, had it first probationer in its training school in 1895. The Holy Cross Hospital established its School of Nursing in 1907, and one of Calgary’s newer hospitals, Foothills, opened its School of Nursing in 1965. Over the years, transcripts from the schools of nursing have come under the care of Alberta Health Services (AHS). Nursing transcripts from these schools are held and accessed through AHS Records and Information Management.

Note: Transcripts are retained for a total of 50 years in accordance with the AHS Records Retention Schedule.

Nursing transcripts for graduates of nursing schools located outside of the Calgary area, can be located through College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA).

Nursing Transcript Request Form

Nurses requiring a copy of their official transcript are to complete the Nursing Transcript Request Form and submit it to Records Management along with payment of $25.00 to Alberta Health Services. Records Management is only able to provide a copy of the nursing transcript and not course descriptions or hours of study.

Mail completed application form and payment to:

Records & Information Management
AHS Archives & Historical Collections
1117 - 55th Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6W1