MedRec is About Keeping Patients Safe

Nurses are in an excellent position, with their training, expertise and role as patient advocates, to play an integral role in the MedRec process. This can include working with patients or clients to create an accurate medication list and acting as the communication link between the patient and other healthcare team members.

Nurses have a role in educating their patients or clients about their medication regime, advocating for their needs and supporting them to be co-managers in their care (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, 2007), and the MedRec process facilitates this.

Listen to Mandy McCabe, Registered Nurse working on the MedRec project speak about how important it is.

In particular, Nurse Practitioners have a unique role as they not only create the Best Possible Medication History (BPMH), but as prescribers are able to reconcile the BPMH to ensure changes to medications are documented and communicated.

There are a number of articles about MedRec, view the following literature search to help find articles of interest.

Here are some highlights of how MedRec benefits nurses.