Staff Scheduling

Self Service

Workforce ESP – Self Service is Alberta Health Services’ online, remote-accessed scheduling technology. Depending upon access, employees can:

  • access their schedules
  • request time off for education, vacation, and other leaves
  • swap shifts
  • manage their availability

Need help accessing Self Service?
Contact Application Support: 1-855-406-5499

Access Self Service

AHS employees who have completed ESP Self Service training can access their schedules at work from an AHS computer or WOW (Workstation on Wheels) or over VPN/Netmotion using Workforce ESP - Self Service.

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North, Central, South Zones

Check Schedule

Automated Shift Callout

Did you know? Provincial Staffing Services has an ASC app: Vocantas Communicate Mobile. With this app, you can view and bid on all of your shift offers as well as posted shifts in the ASC Employee Portal. This app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. To get started, you’ll need to login to the Employee Portal.

Automated Shift Callout Employee Portal

You need to accept the Terms of Service through the ASC Employee Portal as well, before you can use the app.

We recommend completing the Automated Shift Callout: Employee Training, also available on MyLearningLink.