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What Is the Alberta Referral Directory?

The Alberta Referral Directory (ARD) is the official information source for referral-based health services. The ARD eases the complexities of the referral process by eliminating the need to search, update and publish documents in multiple places throughout the province.

The directory is comprised of service and specialist demographics, referral guidelines, referral forms and detailed instructions to facilitate referral acceptance without delay.

Connect Care

Connect Care and the ARD are partnering to ensure that healthcare providers can easily access the ARD when sending referrals. The goal is for providers to have the right decision support resources at their fingertips.


Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, Primary Care and the Alberta Medical Association developed the ARD in 2010 and it is now administered by Path to Care. This program has dedicated resources to support ongoing ARD user experience enhancements, quality assurance initiatives, education and customer service support.

Why Use the ARD?

Having updated referral information in a single source increases the likelihood of sending and receiving appropriate referrals with completed investigations and spending less time resubmitting and redirecting referrals. The ARD can help to reduce work load burden, save time, reduce operating costs and improve patient satisfaction and safety.

Specialist Demographics

The information listed in Consultant Profiles originates from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) and the Alberta Health Provider Registry. Profiles are updated by specialists and/or their delegates to include:

  • Areas of specialty
  • Site services performed at
  • Associated services
  • Contact information, languages spoken and notes

Referral Information

AHS services that accept referrals are listed in the ARD and originate from Inform Alberta. Private services can also be listed by completing a Service Profile Submission for Private Services form.

Service editors are encouraged to update their profiles to include:

  • Referral guidelines: reasons for referral, required tests/ investigations and information
  • Referral processes and forms
  • Approximate routine wait times and eligibility requirements
  • Communication turnaround targets
  • Appointment information

Healthcare providers can print out or email important patient-facing service information that includes:

  • Directions and maps
  • Parking information
  • Hours of operation
  • Telephone and Fax number
  • Missed appointment information

How Do I Access the ARD?

Visit to:

  • Search and View referral information
  • Edit content by registering to be a Service Editor or Consultant


Directory Assistance

Need assistance with editing or finding ARD profiles?

Healthcare providers can:

ARD Resources

Getting Listed

To have your service listed in the ARD, complete the Service Profile Submission for Private Services form.

Related Information

Path to Care

Path to Care assumed operational responsibility for the Alberta Referral Directory in January 2015. For information about the Path to Care program contact us at

website: Path to Care