Clean Your Hands Day

Infection Prevention & Control

May 5, 2022 is Clean Your Hands Day

Clean Your Hands Day

May 5, 2022 is Clean Your Hands Day, a national campaign to encourage everyone to perform hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infections and save lives.

We would like to recognize Clean Your Hands Day, May 5, by giving everyone an elbow bump to thank them for taking the time to clean their hands this year. Your hard work and diligence is making a difference.

Thanks to you, for the last two years staff hand hygiene compliance continues to exceed AHS’ target of 90%.

Hand hygiene is the single most effective action to prevent infection, so keep up the good work.

We wanted to show our appreciation by providing a fun distraction - we created six puzzles for you to play. Take a few minutes to test your puzzle solving skills, IPC and hand hygiene knowledge by playing these games:

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