Patient Blood & Body Fluid Exposure

Infection Prevention & Control

Patients and clients receiving care in AHS are occasionally exposed to the blood and bodily fluids (BBFs) of other patients or their healthcare providers. Mostly commonly the exposures occur through contaminated intravenous infusions, sharps injuries, or improperly reprocessed medical devices. Other types of BBF exposures may include ingestion of the wrong breastmilk in infants, human bites, and sexual assault. It is important that these events are reported as soon as possible, as follow up and drug prophylaxis may be required.

The algorithm below will help guide staff in identifying when a potential exposure has occurred and how to report the exposure. If in doubt about whether an exposure has occurred, contact your local Infection Prevention and Control staff member or designate.

For any type of STAFF Blood or Body Fluid Exposure please contact
Workplace Health and Safety 1-855-450-3619

Or for AHS staff, view the process, with zone contact information, on Insite:
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