Make a Change: One Meal at a Time

Healthy Eating Starts Here

Make a Change: One Meal at a Time. Take the five week challenge to make small changes to improve your meals and eat healthier.

Nutrition Month 2016

Week 1

Small Changes can Produce Big Results

With simple steps, you can start to make changes one meal at a time. Try a new recipe such as Barbeque Corn with Lime or Spicy Chickpeas. Use the weekly menu planner and healthy grocery list to help you plan ahead.

Nutrition Month 2016

Week 2

Boost your Breakfast with Fibre and Protein

Boost your breakfast every day by including some fibre and protein. See Wake Up to Breakfast Everyday and Fibre Facts for ideas. If you have time to cook, try Easy Mini Quiche Muffins or Banana Pancakes.

Nutrition Month 2016

Week 3

Make Healthy Lunch a Habit

Whether you are packing a lunch or eating out, you can make healthy choices. See What's For Lunch? for ideas on how to make healthy lunch a habit . Slow Cooker Stew can be a great make-ahead leftover or pack Mediterranean Salad with Tuna together with a slice of whole grain bread and a yogurt for a delicious, healthy lunch.

Nutrition Month 2016

Week 4

Dish up a Healthy Dinner Plate

To build a healthy dinner meal, use the Eat Well Plate and choose foods from Canada’s Food Guide. Try our lower sodium recipes such as Roasted Salmon with Lentils and Creamy Pesto or Turkey Shepherd’s Pie. Quick and Easy Meals provides you with mix and match meal suggestions. Cooking without salt is another small change you can make to eat healthier.

Nutrition Month 2016

Week 5

Enjoy Your Meal Experience

Make your meal the focus of your attention. Enjoy your meal experience at home, or away at work, school or play. Eat in a quiet, comfortable place and remove the distractions like electronic devices and the television. If sharing a meal with others, add some fun and engaging table-talk with these Conversation Cards! Slow Cooker Fruit Pudding, Pita Pizzas, and Two Dips and Five Dippers are great recipes to enjoy with others. See Inspiring Healthy Eating for many more new healthy recipe ideas.

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