Summary of Education for EVT - Endovascular Reperfusion Alberta (ERA) Project

Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

The Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network™ has been working diligently with many stakeholders to provide important educational information about EVT. The following links contain information in various mediums, including: webinars, articles, and presentations, to help you learn more about EVT.

EMS Training Symposium Video

Recommendations & Presentations

Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations – Hyperacute 

Heart & Stroke Foundation | Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations – Inclusion Criteria for Endovascular Therapy

ESCAPE trial presentation slides from the ISC 2015

Dr. Michael Hill's ISC ESCAPE Study Presentation (YouTube video)

The New England Journal of Medicine – Randomized Assessment of Rapid Endovascular Treatment of Ischemic Stroke 

QuICR Website (Resources, Videos, Etc).