Projects & Initiatives

Digestive Health Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

Appropriate PPI Prescribing  | Colorectal Cancer Screening Endoscopy Quality | Provincial Biosimilar Initiative


Appropriate Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) Prescribing

Primary care best practices, tools and resources to reduce overuse or inappropriate use of PPI therapy (stomach acid pills).

Colorectal Cancer (CRC): Optimizing Screening in Alberta

This study explores deficiencies and disparities in CRC screening (access and health outcomes) across the province. Work is supported by the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) and will inform clinical practice change among key provincial stakeholders.


Improving Endoscopy Quality

Quality and safety of endoscopic procedures is a priority in Alberta. The DHSCN has a number of projects underway to improve the quality of care, safety of our patients and support equitable and timely access to endoscopy services.


Provincial Biosimilar Initiative

Biologic drugs are often used to treat patients with inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions. ‘Biosimilars’ are highly similar, but less expensive, versions of these biologic medications.

Alberta Health initiated the Alberta Biosimilar Initiative in 2019, which aims to enhance value by replacing biologic drugs with biosimilar versions whenever possible. The DH SCN has been working with Alberta Health, healthcare providers, and AHS Pharmacy Services, to ensure accurate and timely information sharing and a smooth transition for patients and healthcare providers.