Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

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The CvHS SCN launched in 2012 as one of Alberta’s first SCNs. Since then, it has collaborated with operational stakeholders, researchers, and community partners across Alberta to pilot, implement and support provincial uptake of quality improvements, programs, and clinical practice changes that improve cardiovascular health, stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.

Several of these success stories are highlighted below. These examples demonstrate how the CvHS SCN has positively impacted patient care, outcomes, experiences and value for Albertans.

Cardiovascular Health

Remote monitoring for patients with a cardiac implantable electrical device
This work was funded by a Partnership in Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) grant and involved a pan-provincial team of investigators.


Endovascular Therapy - System value and impact (infographic)
Outcomes include reduced mortality and disability for stroke patients, expanded access to EVT as the standard of care, and improved value through cost avoidance for Alberta's health system.

Stroke Action Plan
This work led to the creation of stroke units (or stroke unit-equivalent care) within rural hospitals and Early Supported Discharge programs that enable in-home rehabilitation for stroke survivors, leading to improved outcomes, better quality and better value for Albertans.

Stroke Care Alberta
This work builds on Alberta’s provincial stroke strategy and coordinates stroke services so Albertans can readily access the care they need quickly - no matter where they live.

Vascular Risk

Vascular Risk Reduction (VRR) 1.0
A series of projects that support enhanced screening, education and management of risk factors for heart disease and stroke in the community.