Alberta Coding Access Targets for Endoscopy (ACATs-E)

Digestive Health Strategic Clinical NetworkTM


Alberta Coding Access Targets for Endoscopy (ACATs-E) is a wait list management system for endoscopy based on high-quality data. ACATs-E uses a set of provincially standardized, diagnosis-based codes designed by Alberta endoscopists.

The patient-focused and endoscopy-specific foundation of ACATs-E allows endoscopy providers to use a variety of reports and tools to aid decision-making, supporting our common goal of seeing the right patient, for the right procedure, at the right time.

ACATs-E builds on the work of the Alberta Coding and Access Targets for Surgery (ACATS) to ensure specific endoscopy needs are met.

ACATs-E is governed by the Digestive Health Strategic Clinical Network, under the direction of the Provincial Endoscopy Operations Committee (PEOC). ACATs-E aligns with provincial waitlist management policies, AHS policies, and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta waitlist policies.

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