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Spirituality can have a profound effect upon the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people’s lives. Spiritual support and resources can have an important role in our journey toward healing.

Religious Community Visitor Program

Religious Community Visitors are one of many partners offering comfort and care in the Calgary Zone. These visitors play a valued role in the healing process by maintaining a connection to a patient's religious community. As a source of support during what can be a difficult time, Religious Community Visitors also help the patient by providing access to rites and rituals from their religious community.

Successful applicants will be registered with Alberta Health Services as a designated Religious Community Visitor and will be issued an identification badge to be worn in Region facilities when on official visits on behalf of a religious community.

Orientation Sessions

As part of the application process, please call Spiritual Care Services at the Peter Lougheed Centre, 403-943-4585 to register for an orientation session.

Hospital Chaplaincy Training Programs in Alberta

Hospital Chaplaincy and Course-Based Spiritual Care Education Programs

The Alberta Consortium for Supervised Pastoral Education offers both hospital chaplaincy and course-based spiritual care education programs. Placements for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) are within health care and community settings of the Calgary and Edmonton areas. All Alberta CPE programs are offered according to the certification standards of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care/Association canadienne de soins spirituels (CASC/ACSS).

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an experience-based approach to learning practical skills and competencies for ministry. It combines qualified supervision and group reflection with clinical learning about spiritual and pastoral care. CPE programs are open to ordained and lay persons studying in theological education. As well, students in other disciplines who seek to learn in the field of spiritual assessment and care, and are keen to walk in the shoes of spiritual care practitioners, are welcome to apply. CPE aims to assist learners in achieving their full personal, vocational and professional potential.

Programs of CPE are offered at educational centres throughout Canada, each is administered in keeping with educational and clinical opportunities. Students learn about spiritual and pastoral care in general, pediatric, psychiatric, and long-term care health facilities, correctional centres, and a variety of community based locations. Each educational program is connected to a theological college. Teaching Supervisors are certified by CASC/ACSS.

In Alberta CPE is in a process of redevelopment. CPE programs are being offered in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Covenant Health, St. Stephen’s College, and Ambrose University. There are steps being take to establish and solidify an Alberta Consortium of stakeholders interested in “educating to create competent, compassionate spiritual care and pastoral counselling providers to meet the needs of Albertans” (Vision statement of the Alberta Consortium for Supervised Pastoral Education).

The application process for CPE Units and Course-Based CPE Practicum programs is as follows:

  • Step One: Contact one of the CPE Teaching Supervisors for application and screening.
  • Step Two: Upon being admitted to CPE by the Teaching Supervisors, register for the Summer and Extended CPE Unit through Ambrose University, Calgary, and for the Course-Based CPE Practicum through St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton. (Wherever you are geographically, you will still need to register through either Ambrose or St. Stephen’s for the specified programs). Student placements will be at acute care, long term care, and community based locations in both Edmonton and Calgary areas.

CPE Dates for 2018-19 are:

  • Summer Intensive CPE Unit (Calgary) - May 7th through July 20th, 2018 (5 days/week; 11 weeks)
  • Summer Intensive CPE Unit (Edmonton) - May 7th through July 20th, 2018 (5 days/week; 11 weeks)
  • Extended CPE Unit (Calgary and Edmonton) - Tuesdays/Wednesdays, from September 4th, 2018 through March 21st, 2019
  • Course-Based CPE Practicum (Edmonton) - Tuesday morning seminars, from September 4th, 2018 through March 21st, 2019. [Pre-requisite: One unit of CPE]

The AC-SPE Intake CPE Teaching Supervisor (see information for Rev. Dr. Philip Behman below) is accepting applications for the 2017/2018 CPE Programs as follows:

  • Summer Intensive applications deadline:Thursday, January 18, 2018, with screening interviews to be scheduled at the end of January and beginning of February.
  • Autumn Extended Unit and Course Based CPE Practicum programs applications deadline: Friday, June 1st, 2018, with screening interviews to be scheduled during the month of July.

Cost of both the Extended Unit and the Pilot Course-Based Practicum will be $2,400.00. This will gain all students 6 academic credits.

Please be aware that space is limited and our programs fill quickly. You are encouraged to apply early, as applications are dated as they are received and reviewed on a first come/first serve basis. Successful applicants are chosen as a result of application and screening processes, and are finalized by decision of the Teaching Supervisors.

INFORMATION: Please contact the following Teaching Supervisors for more information:

CPE UNIT (offered in both Calgary and Edmonton; both summer and extended time periods):

Rev. Dr. Philip Behman (Intake CPE Teaching Supervisor)
Teaching Chaplain
Spiritual Care Services
Alberta Children's Hospital
2888 Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary, AB T3B 6A8
Fax: (403) 955-2444
Phone: (403) 955-7868

COURSE-BASED CPE PRACTICUM (offered in Edmonton; extended time period only):

Dr. Margaret Clark
Coordinator, Supervised Pastoral Education
St. Stephen’s College
8810 – 112 Street
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J6
Phone: 780-988-2849

Application Information: