Patient & Family Centred Care

South Health Campus

At the South Health Campus (SHC), Patient & Family Centred Care means working in partnership with patients, family members and citizens in the planning, delivery and evaluation of health services.

What it Means to South Health Campus

  • patients and families are full partners in care,
  • a supportive and respectful environment for patients, families and providers to promote wellness and teamwork,
  • community of mutual respect, and
  • supportive relationships with businesses, organizations and associations who enhance the well-being of patients, families, staff, physicians and the community.

Examples at South Health Campus 

  • Name, Occupation & Duty (NOD): Staff will introduce themselves by their name, occupation and role when caring for patients and family.
  • Family Presence: Family and friends are integral to the patient's healing process and are welcomed as essential members of the healthcare team. A family member/support person is welcome to stay overnight on most inpatient units. Family/support person(s) are defined by the patient.
  • Visiting Patients: Visitors' presence can positively affect the patient's overall well-being. Visiting is encouraged and supported during visiting hours.
  • Patient & Citizen Engagement: The Citizen Advisory Team brings the perspective and voice of patients, families and communities in the planning, operations and evaluation of programs, services and facilities at South Health Campus.
  • Way-Finding: Way-finding involves acknowledging where you are and your destination and following the best route to that targeted place. It also involves reversing the process to find your way back out.

Patient & Family Centred Care means...

...building a culture of healthcare that arranges care around the patient and families, not the health system.