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Eligibility & Courses

School Days

Mobility & Medical Concerns

Staying Connected with Your Community School

Eligibility & Courses

Who can attend the Stollery School?

Patients on all inpatient units and patients regularly attending Outpatient Day units can attend.

For more information about eligibility, look under Access in our Stollery Children's Hospital School listing.

What courses can my child take?

School staff follow the Alberta curriculum with a focus on core subjects. French Language programming is offered, as well as some select option courses.

We also offer special programming including Pet Therapy and Music Therapy.

How long does my child have to be in the hospital to attend the Stollery School?

Your child can attend school anytime, regardless of how long they are in the hospital.

My child is in Kindergarten. Can they attend school?

Limited teaching may be available for Kindergarten students. Speak to the classroom teachers for more information.

Can my child’s siblings attend?

Only patients at the Stollery are allowed to attend Stollery School.  A nearby school may be able to accommodate other children.

Information regarding admission requirements and procedures for Edmonton Public Schools can be found on the EPSB website, Student Admission to the District.

Information regarding registration requirement and procedures for the Edmonton Catholic Schools can be found on the ECSB website, Register Online.

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School Days

What are the daily School hours?

Our hours are available from our Stollery Children's Hospital School listing.

What calendar does the school follow?

The Stollery School follows the Edmonton Public Schools calendar.  In the summer, classes are still available for students in the Secondary classroom (grades 7-12), and for all school age patients in the Bedside Teaching Program.

What does a day at school look like?

Stollery staff and Stollery School teachers work together so students are comfortable and cared for in the learning environment. Students help decide what learning is important and interesting to them.

A day at school is very much like a day at a community school. Activities are dependent on the age, grade level, and learning needs of students in attendance. Teachers will adjust instruction to meet the student’s abilities and interests.

Are parents welcome in the classroom?

Yes. Parents are welcome to help the student adjust to the classroom setting and to communicate with teachers.

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Mobility & Medical Concerns

Can my child still attend school if they are not mobile or on isolation precautions?

Yes. The Bedside Teaching Program is available to all pediatric inpatients who are not able to come to the classroom. The teacher will come to the child’s inpatient room for individualized learning, including the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Will my child receive basic medical care while at school if they need it?

Nurses and other team members can come to the school to check on their patients.

How does my child get to and from the school classrooms?

Sometimes healthcare staff or teaching staff will bring a student to the school, either walking or in a wheel chair.

Students can also go on their own, or be accompanied by their parents. This may depend on their clinical situation.

Parents are encouraged to work with their child’s nurse, health care team, and the teacher to help integrate a school plan into the child’s daily routine in hospital.

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Staying Connected with Your Community School

How will my child’s community school stay in communication with the Stollery School?

One of the EPSB registration documents to be completed by the patient’s parents/guardians gives permission for Stollery School staff to contact the student’s community school.

A signed Alberta Health Services consent to share the child’s health information means health and educational teams can work together to find the best possible learning and health outcomes for the child.

How will the Stollery School help my child transition back to their community school?

All students receive a school report upon discharge from the hospital. SCH teachers, the student’s health care team, the student, and their parents work together to create an effective transition back to the community school.

Teachers work closely with each student’s community school to ensure that course requirements are met.

How will I write my school exams?

The Stollery School classroom is an official writing centre for diploma and provincial exams.

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