Community & External Relations

Bringing the Voices of Albertans to Decision Making

AHS is committed to engaging with Albertans in a meaningful way. Our five values - compassion, accountability, respect, excellence, and safety - guide how we engage with Albertans and how we make decisions.

We are dedicated to being visible in communities across Alberta, talking to the right people at the right time and for the right reasons. We develop relationships and engage with Albertans on healthcare issues that matter to them. Community input and feedback helps us address the health needs of Albertans and bring decision-making to the local level.

Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils

Advisory Council members listen to Albertans, share information, and provide perspectives

  • Volunteers who are interested in getting input from people in their communities, and providing them with AHS information
  • Sharing perspectives back with AHS

Contact Community & External Relations

Phone: 1-877-275-8830
Fax: 780-613-8800

For more information about upcoming engagement events, you can email us at



Together4Health connects you to decision-making at Alberta Health Services. It also keeps you up to date on projects and activities, across the province or where you live. From capital projects to program planning, you’ll find it easy to share your views through discussion forums, commenting on images, and completing surveys.

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