Community Engagement & Communications

Who We Are

The role of the Community Engagement & Communications (CE&C) team at AHS is to strategically communicate and foster engagement with our workforce, patients and families, all Albertans, healthcare partners and health system stakeholders. By doing so, CE&C:

  • Ensures the AHS workforce is supported in their roles.
  • Builds trust and understanding of the health system.
  • Enhances relationships for system improvement.

The CE&C portfolio strategically leverages our relationships, communications channels and engagement tools, digital properties, social media, paid media and mainstream media to share information, listen to concerns and gather ideas, help Albertans navigate supports and services, champion the AHS workforce, and deliver on strategic goals as outlined in the AHS Business Plan. The portfolio also engages with communities through Provincial Advisory Councils and Health Advisory Councils, and through the numerous foundations and auxiliaries that provide support to our hospitals and communities. The CE&C team develops and executes strategy based on the principles of authenticity, transparency, reliability, timeliness, accessibility and respectfulness in all communications and engagement.

Building Trust with Albertans. Building Pride in Our People.

Community Engagement & Communications (CE&C) turns information into understanding. Our team of communications and engagement specialists reaches out to patients, families and communities across the province to engage Albertans in a meaningful, authentic way – to learn about local healthcare needs, to gather public feedback before decisions affecting healthcare delivery are made, to enhance and promote healthy lifestyles and the overall wellness of Albertans, and to share information about available programs and services that address individual needs and community concerns. The CE&C team conducts regular engagement with municipal and provincial elected leaders, foundations, provider groups, unions, Indigenous communities, post-secondary institutions, law enforcement, the media, and many other private sector, public sector and community-based stakeholders.

The team also leads two-way communication and engagement with a workforce of more than 130,000 people across the province. As the largest employer in the province, AHS works to ensure its skilled and dedicated front-line healthcare providers and support staff remain informed, connected and empowered.

The CE&C team guides the internal communications which ensure the organization’s workforce is directly linked to — and fully understands — the vision, mission, values and priorities of AHS. Research suggests a better engaged workforce provides improved care; and the work of our portfolio aims to build engagement and support a positive workplace culture.

Community & External Relations

Community and External Relations is committed to engaging and involving all Albertans in their health and healthcare system by identifying opportunities to bring their voices to AHS where they can inform, advise and influence planning that impacts them.

AHS conducts engagement through:

  • Strengthen relationships with the 16 advisory councils (12 geographically based Health Advisory Councils and four Provincial Advisory Councils) and the Wisdom Council & Elder Circle.
  • Formal community conversations with Albertans and Alberta’s Indigenous communities to seek input on major projects across the province, such as zone healthcare planning.
  • Lead and facilitate relationships with elected officials and Alberta thought leaders.
  • Manage virtual platforms, including the organization’s online engagement platform Together4Health where Albertans can have their say on various healthcare topics.
  • Distribution of Together4Health Headlines, a twice-monthly newsletter designed to keep Albertans informed of decisions to protect and support them, key public health information, and opportunities for Albertans to connect with AHS

Foundation Relations

Foundation Relations helps to build philanthropy by building trust and streamlining operations between AHS and the 36 auxiliaries and 70 foundations that support it. The team:

  • Makes financial donor support have more meaning, go further, and leave lasting legacies by strengthening relationships and developing collaborative fundraising approaches.
  • Builds AHS’ brand and reputation as the team serves as ambassadors in communities across the province.
  • Manages policies and processes supporting philanthropy, strategic priority setting, health evolution and innovation.
  • Facilitates opportunities for auxiliaries and foundations to merge or share operational resources to reduce costs and maintain revenue potential.
  • Helps foundations meet donors where they are by supporting digital and virtual communications.
  • Develops collaborative fundraising approaches to maximize participation and donor impact.

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Innovation & Digital Solutions

Innovation & Digital Solutions uses design thinking, best practice research, rich and creative designs, and innovative approaches to share accurate, trusted and timely information across all AHS digital channels. This includes AHS’ external website (, AHS’ intranet and other web tools and apps. Utilizing a collaborative approach to develop innovative tools and solutions, AHS delivers critical information through new channels to help support Albertans on their health journey and provide AHS’ workforce with need-to-know information to deliver world-class healthcare. This team also fosters creativity to transform complex information into simple, easy-to-understand visual solutions, such as infographics and motion graphic videos.

Media Relations and Issues Management

This team provides context and timely, credible information in response to questions and commentary in the public interest; developing and providing responses to media, stakeholders and the public that are accurate, honest, clear and consistent. The team is also responsible for implementing our Proactive Media Strategy, promoting and highlighting the good and important work that takes place across the organization to ensure Albertans receive timely, effective and accessible healthcare.

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Social Media

AHS recognizes social media platforms and networks as important tools to share information and interact with Albertans. Community Engagement & Communications supports the strategic use of these tools and ensures content is informative, accurate and engaging.

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