Surveillance & Reporting Activities

Cancer Care Alberta for Health Professionals

Regular Activities

Surveillance & Reporting develops and provides analysis and evidence to drive improvements in Cancer Care Alberta (CCA) that will reduce the burden of cancer in Albertans.

This work includes:

  • Producing epidemiological and statistical analyses, to monitor the burden of cancer
  • Conducting population-based cancer surveillance including measures of incidence, mortality, survival and projections by demography, geography & time
  • Collaborating and providing cancer information in support of Quality Improvement activities and provincial, national and international research
  • Analysing and translating information to drive improvements in cancer care and clinical outcomes
  • Responding to community cancer inquiries
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge products that are relevant to needs of CCA
  • Facilitating the understanding and utilization of our knowledge products


Report on Cancer Statistics in Alberta

This report provides in-depth statistical information on cancer in Alberta, highlighting cancer prevalence, incidence, mortality, projections, treatment and survival for all cancers combined, top cancers and childhood cancers. These reports can be found here.

Alberta Health

Cancer incidence and mortality data are available through the Interactive Health Data Application maintained by Alberta Health. This is an interactive tool enabling incidence and mortality to be obtained by age group, zone of residence and gender for the top cancers from 1993 to most current. Cancer information can be found under Chronic Disease at this link.

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Surveillance & Reporting submits analysis on behalf of Cancer Care Alberta for interprovincial comparisons. The annual System Performance report and special topic reports can be found here.

Canadian Cancer Registry

Data from the Alberta Cancer Registry is submitted and collated nationally in the Canadian Cancer Registry (CCR). In 1992, the Canadian Cancer Registry was emerged from the National Cancer Incidence Reporting System established in 1969. It is collaboration between the 13 Canadian provincial and territorial cancer registries and the Health Statistics Division of Statistics Canada, where the data are maintained. A description of the data and reports can be found here.

Access to the Canadian Cancer Registry is through Research Data Centers at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society publishes the Canadian Cancer Statistics annually. It is developed through collaboration between the Canadian Cancer Society, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada and provincial and territorial cancer registries with input from the Canadian Cancer Statistics Advisory Committee. The report includes Canadian and provincial data on incidence, mortality and other statistics along with a special topic.

Cancer In North America

North American wide comparisons of incidence and mortality are collated by the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries.

Other information dissemination

Aside from the aforementioned reports, requests for information can be made by emailing

For more information, please contact: