Student Placement Prerequisites

1. Request a placement with your school

All AHS student placement requests must originate from your post-secondary institution.

Requests received from students will not be accepted.

2. Check you meet our Immunization Requirements

All health care students and instructors must be immunized according to the AHS Standards. Please note that placements may be refused to students/instructors who are not compliant with this standard.

All health care students and instructors must be immunized against rubella. In addition, AHS strongly recommends immunization against:

  • tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, (DTP)
  • measles and mumps
  • varicella (chicken pox)
  • influenza

Refer to the list of Immunizations Recommended for Students to learn more.

Visit My Health Alberta to book an immunization appointment.

3. Obtain a Criminal Record Check (CRC)

A Criminal Record Check (CRC) is a detailed criminal and police history, or a confirmation of the absence of any information, based on the personal information provided to the police agency when requesting the check.

A Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) includes a CRC plus a search of pardoned offences of a specified nature (sexual and certain other offences against the person). A VSS is required if you will be in a position of trust or authority with patients or clients of AHS.

Each police agency may have a slightly different procedure to obtain the information. Canadian and international students studying abroad must email to request a risk assessment.

The documentation should be provided to the educational institution for assessment and filing.

4. Complete Confidentiality Training

Confidentiality Training includes watching a video and then completing the online learning module.

Submit the signed confidentiality and user agreement to your educational institution representative.

5. Complete Harassment and Violence Training Course

This harassment and violence course addresses how to be safe at work, with a specific focus on disrespect, harassment and violence. This course must be completed before starting a placement with AHS.

To submit your course completion record, print the completion certificate found at the end of the module and submit it to your post-secondary placing coordinator.

Post-Secondary Coordinator

Learn what you need to know to set up a student placement.


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