Calgary Brain Injury Program (CBIP)

Foothills Medical Centre

Service Description / Contact Information

For Your Appointment

Please remember to bring your Alberta Healthcare Card, a valid piece of photo ID and an updated medication list with you to the appointment.

If you require an interpreter/translator please make these arrangements prior to your appointment.

You are encouraged to bring a support person if able

Parking Information

Due to the high volume of patients arriving at the Foothills Medical Centre, parking spots may be limited so please arrive 30 minutes earlier than your appointment to allow for delays.

Finding Us

Wayfinding instructions are available at the entrance to the Special Services Building.

The reception for the Calgary Brain Injury Program and Brain Injury Clinic is located in Room AW122. This is on the main floor of the Special Services Building just past the elevators on the right hand side.

What to Expect

You may see a physiatrist, a community case manager, and/or a social worker.

Note: this is a teaching facility; you may be seen by a resident or student as well as the primary physician.

Appointments will take approximately 30 - 60 minutes.

You may receive an overall assessment, options for ongoing rehabilitation, and/or information about community services and resources.

Note: if you arrive late for your appointment, we may need to reschedule to a later date