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IMPORTANT: read the following information carefully before continuing

In order to complete our Online Sleep Course you need to have been referred to our clinic and received our letter in the mail. If you have not been referred yet, read this information.

Before you start, ensure that you:

Neck measurement

  • Have approximately 1 hour to complete the Online Course and Sleep Questionnaire. Once you start the Questionnaire you will not be able to save your progress and return to it later.
  • Know your height (feet / inches), weight (pounds) and your neck size (inches).
  • Have a list of your medications including dosages readily available.
  • Have the letter mailed to you from the Sleep Centre. Your Username will be listed in bold print on this letter. You will require this to ensure your questionnaire is received.

The Online Course

Review the following information and watch the videos.

SnoreSat Instructional Video

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