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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical to the health and safety of all healthcare workers, as well as the patients we care for.

The proper and appropriate use of all PPE is essential to ensuring that we have the supply of PPE that we need, for all providers who need it.

Information and supports on this page will help care providers in using PPE appropriately, and confidently.

AHS Guidelines for Masking & Use of Eye Protection


Refer to Routine Practices as required by the Infection Prevention and Control Risk Assessment (IPC RA) to make PPE decisions, including the use of masks and N95 respirators. 

Masking is still required for healthcare workers, family/support persons and visitors in the following situations: 

  • When directed by an outbreak protocol, 
  • For staff, as identified by the Attending Work with COVID-19 Symptoms or a Positive COVID-19 Test, 
  • When asked by a patient or resident,
  • When a masking poster is posted on a patient’s doors 
  • Or when in contact with a severely immunocompromised individual

Eye Protection

Eye protection must be utilized as directed by Routine Practices and the IPC Risk Assessment. 

Continuous eye protection will be required when directed by an outbreak protocol.

We each have a role to play in protecting each other – our patients, staff, physicians and volunteers. We thank all staff and physicians for continuing to follow this guidance, as we strive to provide exemplary care to all Albertans.


IPC measures are based on currently available scientific evidence and guidelines and are subject to review and change as new information becomes available.

Patient or Visitor PPE information

Aerosol-Generating Medical Procedure Guidance Tool

This list of Aerosol-Generating Medical Procedures (AGMPs) is based on current evidence. This list is subject to an ongoing review process and will be updated accordingly. Please continue to revisit this list, as guidance may evolve.

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