Reserving a Bed

Protection of Children Using Drugs (PChAD) Program

What do I do after my PChAD hearing?

If the judge grants a PChAD Protection Order:

  1. Get a certified copy of the PChAD Protection Order before you leave the courthouse.
  2. Call the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Bed Coordination Line and let them know that you’ve received the order: Phone: 1-888-844-5395
    Open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed statutory holidays)
  3. If you are ready to use the PChAD Protection Order, then call the Bed Coordination Line to book a bed in a Protective Safe House (PSH) for your child.
  4. Beds can be reserved for 24–48 hours, depending on availability and the date the bed is reserved.
  5. Once the bed is available, you can bring your child to the PSH. If the police will be bringing the child to the PSH, give them the PChAD Protection Order first. Refer to Getting Your Child to the Protective Safe House with Police Assistance.

If the bed is not reserved until a few days from now, when should I take the order to the police?

The PChAD Protection Order should only be given to the police once the bed is available. If you aren’t sure, you can call the PChAD Bed Coordination Line, at 1-888-844-5395.

What happens if the child cannot be found before the bed reservation expires?

Unfortunately, there is often a waitlist for beds in a PSH. When a bed reservation expires, that bed may be given to another child. If your reservation is about to expire, call the PChAD Bed Coordination Line, at 1-888-844-5395 to discuss your options.

If the bed reservation expires, does that mean my PChAD Protection Order has also expired?

No. A PChAD Protection Order expires after 50 days, unless otherwise stated on the order (this will be the last point on the order). You can reserve a bed as long as the PChAD Protection Order is still valid.

How long does it take for a bed to become available in a PSH?

Wait times change, but can range anywhere from days to weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot provide bed availability information over the phone until your PChAD Protection Order has been granted. If you are unable to reserve a bed in your city of choice, you may be given other options within the province. Please note that you will be responsible to pick up your child from the PSH on the day they are discharged.

Can the police transport my child to a PSH bed somewhere else in Alberta?

Yes in certain circumstances. Local police and the RCMP are able to transport children to other PSH beds within Alberta when a bed is not available within the child’s city of residence. However, this can take time because of the coordination that is required between units. Please note that your child’s PSH bed must be reserved and available before the police can apprehend the child.

Can I request that my child not be placed in the PSH if one of their friends is already there?

There are certain situations where putting a child into a certain PSH may not be helpful. These could include the presence of a close friend or family member, the level of security required or a history of certain behaviour.

If any of these situations happens, there are options available to you. Call the PChAD Bed Coordination Line, at 1-888-844-5395, to help figure out what your child’s needs are, and what other PSH beds are available to them.

(Due to privacy laws, we cannot disclose information about other children, including their admission or discharge from a PSH.)

Can PChAD beds be used for children who want to enter the program voluntarily?

Yes, depending on availability. Contact your local Addictions Services office for more information.

What happens if I call the PChAD Bed Coordination Line after hours?

If you call the PChAD Bed Coordination Line outside of business hours, its automated answering service will give you a number of options. These include connecting you to a particular PSH or leaving a message, which will be returned the following business day.