Accessing PChAD Program

Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Program

Guardian Meets with AHS Addiction Counsellor

  • Complete Pre-Application Information Session
  • Obtain Letter of Attendance to submit to court clerk

Guardian Files Application at Court

  • Fill out Application
  • See court clerk
  • Receive court date
  • Call PChAD 1-888 Phone Line**
  • Fill out Affidavit

– 2 Day Wait –

Guardian Presents Case to Judge

  • If order is granted remain at the courthouse to obtain a copy of the protection order from court clerk
  • Call PChAD 1-888 phone line**

Guardian Contacts 1-888**

  • Next available & appropriate bed will be placed on hold
  • If bed is available can begin transportation plans as discussed with 1-888
  • If bed is not immediately available follow the instructions provided by 1-888. Do not drop off order to police until 1-888 informs you that a bed is available.

Youth Enters PChAD Program

  • Protective Safe House (PSH) staff/Addiction Counsellor (AC) will connect with guardian
  • Protection Order can be reviewed by youth, guardian, AHS or other which could result in a shorter or longer stay
  • Individual and family counselling completed for the assessment

Quick Reference

** PChAD Provincial Coordinator: 1-888-844-5395

Call Coordinator to:

  • Give notice of an application for a PChAD order
  • Inform of judge’s decision regarding the order (granted or not granted)
  • Place bed on hold