Junior High School Resources

Grade 7

The Grade 7 Lessons are a series of 45-minute lesson plans developed in collaboration with Alberta Education to be a ready-to-go unit whose objectives fulfil many of the specific outcomes students are to achieve through the Grade 7 Health and Life Skills, Language Arts, Social Studies and Drama curricula.

Grade 8

The Grade 8 Lessons are 45-minute lessons that cover health and life skills topics related to preventing substance use and gambling problems. Each lesson helps students focus on improving and practising healthy behaviour, and helps to explore personal goals and role models, benefits of healthy choices, the role of peer influence, and self-esteem.

Grade 9

Kids have always experimented and pushed the boundaries of what they should and shouldn’t do. They need to prove things to themselves and to their peers—it’s a part of growing up. When tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or gambling is involved, experimentation can become a dangerous progression that may lead to dependency or an addiction. The Teacher Information Series is designed to give teachers like you factual information to help you engage students in talking about substance abuse and gambling and allow them to make informed lifestyle decisions and healthy choices.

School Policy Manual

This manual offers principals, teachers and school councils practical information about developing a substance use and gambling policy. It describes the key components of an effective policy, discusses the benefits of such policy, addresses common concerns, and provides information about relevant resources that schools can use. The manual includes sample resources such as a presentation for those developing policy, a school policy template, and statements to the school community about dealing with incidents related to substance use or gambling.