Central Volunteers

Kick off Your Career - March 2018

Finding a job in healthcare, or in any field for that matter, can be extremely competitive. For students or recent graduates to distinguish... Read More


Promoting Quality of Life

Gregory Kennedy - February 2018

Members of the 800-strong Northern Alberta Renal Program (NARP) team take pride in being there for patients through the entire continuum... Read More

Central Volunteers

Pursuit of Volunteer Happiness

Laura Manuel - January 2018

Just imagine a role where you pay people in joy. It’s reality for Brenda Farwell, one of 15 Volunteer Resources coordinators in Central Zone... Read More

Nurse Navigator

Navigating Cancer Treatment

Lori - January 2018

A navigator acts as a centre point of contact for patients, helping them understand their options for treatment, what to expect from the... Read More

Family Room

The Children's Champion

Winter - December 2017

While the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists work on the patient’s physical health, we want to make sure that the child can... Read More

Medical Device Reprocessor

Meet the Unsung Heroes

Gregory Kennedy - December 2017

To say the medical device reprocessing department team is the wind beneath the wings of AHS is hardly cliché or hyperbole - it's verifiable fact... Read More

Family Room

Supporting Families

Chrystal - November 2017

As the administrative support worker here at the Family Room, I get to be the first point of contact, that smiling face at the front desk... Read More

Work Experience

Gaining Work Experience - November 2017

For many people, a summer position is the start of their career journey. For ones that enter into an internship with Alberta Health Services... Read More

See the Ability

See the Ability

Christy Weis - October 2017

While some disabilities are easy to spot, others are not as obvious. Invisible disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder can limit opportunities... Read More

Tasty Budzzz

Managing Mental Illness

Laura Manuel - October 2017

Many people are affected by mental health issues and addictions. This can make it hard to think clearly, manage how you feel, be with others... Read More

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