Gaining Corporate Work Experience

Corporate Work Experience

November 8th, 2017

Today’s summer students are leaving a lasting impression

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Story by Meghan Lafferty

For many people, a summer position is the start of their career journey. For ones that enter into an internship with Alberta Health Services, it can be the start of a healthcare path that shapes both their personal and professional lives.

Tani Omorogbe, Janine Poersch, and Christina Little are all employees of AHS and are either recent graduates or are currently in university. Each of these individuals are working in a position that directly affects their career path and complements their schooling. The experience and knowledge gained by these three summer students will set them down the career path that’s right for them.

First off, each of these summer students agreed that the job posting is what drew them to their current position.

“When I read the duties and what they were looking for in the job description, I believed I could do those duties,” said Tani. “They were things I believe I was trained well for in university.”

The job description aside, Alberta Health Services is a name that stood out.

“I wanted to work for AHS because it is such a vast and well-known organization. I knew that I would be getting to work on a variety of different projects and programs that would help me grow as an individual getting ready to enter the workforce,” said Christina.

Another draw was that these summer students entered into a position that complemented their schooling. Janine, a Communications graduate, earned a Communications Advisor position. Tani, a Global Business and Digital Arts major, into a graphic designer position, and Christina, a current Business Administration student, was granted a position as Talent Acquisition Student involved in Student Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion.

“Working for AHS gives you such a depth of knowledge, it’s a massive organization with so much to learn,” said Janine. Assuring us that it’s possible for a young graduate to make a difference in such a large organization, Janine shared, “I’m just out of school, and I can say that I am helping to coordinate brand standards for an organization of 108,000. I don’t know too many people that can say the same thing.”

As a forward thinking organization, AHS fosters it’s relationships with young professionals and encourages them to gain the skills needed to succeed.

“AHS is helping me grow because it's enabling me to think and act professionally. This is my first corporate job, and it has allowed me to learn the corporate culture,” said Tani. Organizations like AHS understand that young students bring fresh ideas to the table, come equipped with a contemporary mindset and acknowledge that students are the workforce of the future.

These positions allow students the opportunity to build and strengthen their resumes. AHS recognizes the benefits of developing employee skill sets to help them develop and flourish in the workforce.

“I am always kept busy, whether it’s because I am learning and shadowing a mentor or getting to do some of the hands-on planning involved in my tasks,” said Christina.

Already Tani, Janine and Christina have made a significant impact in the workforce. Hard work and determination have helped these individuals get their start within a well-recognized organization, one that is encouraging their professional development by building on skills learned in post-secondary schooling.

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