From Frontline SLP to Provincial Practice Director

Julie, Speech Language Pathologist

January 26, 2024

Meet Julie

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, Julie has grown her career over 30+ years based in the rural communities of Vermillion and Kitscoty, Alberta, into her current role as Provincial Practice Director, Speech Language Pathology.

How has location influenced the shape of your career and opportunities for growth?

Julie: In many ways, being in a rural area has provided unique opportunities for me to engage in higher-level conversations and innovative projects that I might not have had access to in an urban setting. I had a lot of autonomy in my role, and my leaders trusted me to innovate and try new things. Those supportive leaders and informal learning opportunities really shaped my thinking. They allowed me to participate in impactful discussions and contribute to system improvement.

Besides your post-secondary education, what additional training helped you to progress in your career?

Julie: In addition to my formal education, I've taken various certificate programs over the years. I was privileged to participate in the AHS Executive Education program, which led to my Certified Health Executive designation. While this certification didn't directly help me advance into my current position, it certainly enhanced my capabilities and effectiveness in my role. I've had the opportunity to participate in numerous leadership courses offered by AHS, allowing me to continue working while acquiring valuable skills.

What advice would you give to someone new to AHS about the opportunities that lie ahead for them?

Julie: Aways be in discussion with your current leader about opportunities for learning and growth. Be open to the fact that these opportunities don't always come from a career change but can greatly benefit you when they arise. Seek informal leadership experiences, get involved in collaborations with other healthcare professionals, like an acute care quality improvement committee or a collaborative planning group with daycares in your community – these kinds of opportunities are important.

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