Publicly Funded and Private for Purchase Care Services

Continuing Care

In Alberta, both publicly funded and private for purchase health and personal care services are available. Albertans can access publicly funded services by working with an AHS Case Manager; private for purchase services are arranged and paid for by the individual. It is also possible to arrange a combination of public and private services to ensure all of your needs are met.

What is publicly-funded care?

When health and personal care services, as well as living options, are accessed through AHS, this is called “publicly funded care.” An AHS Case Manager works with you to assess your health needs, such as medication management or physical therapy, and your personal care needs, such as bathing. They then arrange services through care providers with AHS Home Care. All home care services provided through AHS Home Care are paid for by AHS.

An assessment may show that your needs can not be safely met in your own home. In this case, the Case Manager may recommend a move to a Designated Supportive Living or Long Term Care setting.

In Long Term Care, your health and personal care needs are provided by staff who work on site full time.

In a Designated Supportive Living, your health and personal care needs are provided by AHS Home Care staff who come to the site according to the schedule developed with your Case Manager. Home Care services are paid for by AHS. The cost for accommodation is paid for by the individual, and these rates are set by the Government of Alberta (more information about accommodation rates).

What is private for purchase care?

In Alberta, there are a number of businesses providing continuing care services that you may choose to arrange and pay for yourself. As well, there are privately run Supportive Living and Long Term Care sites. Private care facilities can be accessed without working with an AHS case manager. Individuals apply to the independent housing operator, and all fees for health and personal care services and accommodation are paid for by the individual. Fees are set by the housing operator.

Can I receive both publicly funded and private for purchase services?

Yes. You may choose to supplement services you receive through AHS Home Care with those you pay for yourself. Some people choose to pay for personal and/or health care services while living in a publicly funded designated supportive living, just as they would have in their own residence. As well, you can still receive publicly funded home care services through AHS while in a privately run facility. Your case manager will work with you to find the best options that suit you and your assessed needs, whether that is private, public, community resources or a mix.

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