Getting a Case Manager

When the day arrives that you decide extra support would be helpful, getting the care you need begins with an assessment by a Case Manager.

Your first step is to call Health Link at 811 to arrange for your assessment. Anyone can make a referral to continuing care, including you. We will listen to your preferences and needs and help you make the best decision for you and your loved one.

If you are in hospital when you need your assessment, then an onsite Transition Coordinator will act as your Case Manager until you’re discharged from acute care.

Whether you’re starting the process from home or hospital, you and your team of healthcare professionals will work together to find the right mix of support for your abilities and your lifestyle.

Assessment Tools

Everybody is assessed the same way using a standardized assessment tool called the InterRAI Assessment. It’s designed to collect information on a broad range of physical, mental and social abilities. It also measures your strengths and identifies areas that may require more assistance.  For more information: The Right Care in the Right Place Seniors Living Options Assessment

Once your assessment is complete, your Case Manager will share the results of the assessment with you. With your permission we can also share this information with your family/legal representative.

Your Case Manager will discuss with you the level of care that best suits your needs. Recreational, spiritual, cultural and psychological needs are discussed upon admission with opportunities for activities, support and resources offered.

As your needs change and you transition through various levels of care, your Case Manager may change. You and your assigned Case Manager will continue to work together and they will help supervise, reassess your needs and navigate your healthcare experience. If you have any questions or concerns about your care, contact your case manager.

Am I eligible for this?

You can self-refer, or be referred for an assessment, if you:

  • Live in Alberta
  • Have an Alberta Health Care number, or
  • Have applied for and are eligible to receive Alberta Health Care coverage