Measuring Quality in Continuing Care - System Performance

Measurement is an essential part of any improvement effort. Knowing where you are starting from and determining if the changes you make are improving care must be supported by information and measurement. As well as the standards audits and accreditation results, there are a number of sources of information that help AHS as well as family members, residents/clients and the public track quality in the system. The sources include:

The Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI)

Supports the public posting of nine continuing care quality indicators (total 45 indicators available). The indicators are drawn from comprehensive clinical assessments completed every three months on individuals living in all publicly funded long-term care facilities. Facilities have the ability to review their own performance, compare to others who are similar and identify areas where they are performing well or areas where opportunities for improvement exist.

Families, clients and the public can access this information at: Your Health System.

Quality indicators for home care (includes supportive living and home living) will soon be available and inclusion in the publicly posted information is being reviewed.

Alberta Health Services

AHS monitors and reports on the performance of our system based on the CIHI RAI quality indicators. Using these reports we can compare results across facilities in Alberta and the rest of Canada. By sharing information we can learn from one another and improve the quality of care. Public posting of this information is available at the following:

The Health Quality Council of Alberta

The HQCA regularly surveys residents/clients as well as family members about their experience in the continuing care system. All survey results including those related to continuing care are publicly posted on line and can be accessed at: