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Connect Care - When and Where

Why do we need Connect Care?

Connect Care will enable consistent use of health information across the province, and in the long-run it will make your healthcare experience at AHS more seamless and streamlined.
Connect Care will be supported by a common Alberta Health Services (AHS) provincial clinical information system (CIS) that will provide you and your care team with better access to your health information.

When will Connect Care be launched?

A program of this complexity and size must be put in place in phases. Over the next two years, we will design, build and test the AHS provincial CIS. Following that, Connect Care will be introduced across the province over three years. The whole program is set to be in place within five years.

Where will Connect Care be launched?

Connect Care will touch every AHS location. It will have an impact everywhere that AHS operates, serves and collaborates. Design work for the AHS provincial CIS that will support Connect Care is just beginning.

The AHS provincial CIS will improve upon what we already have and add functions that we haven’t had before to make patient care more consistent. It will support the use of mobile technology and provide a patient portal to improve your access to your health information across AHS.

With Connect Care:

  • You will have electronic access to your personal information of any interaction with AHS.
  • You will be able to electronically book some appointments and interact directly with your healthcare team using secure messaging.
  • You will spend less time repeating your history to different caregivers.
  • You will be able to receive automatic electronic alerts to remind you about screening, testing, consultations and immunizations.
  • We will improve the quality and efficiency of hospital care with better information to make clinical decisions.