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What is a Clinical Information System (CIS)?

A CIS is an electronic tool that will provide healthcare providers one central access point to patient information, common clinical standards and best healthcare practices.

Why are we doing this?

It's simple: Albertans deserve outstanding healthcare.

Through Connect Care, the AHS Provincial CIS initiative:

  • Albertans will have access to their own health information
  • We will build strong bridges between patients and healthcare providers
  • Information, knowledge and best practices will be easily shared
  • We will provide consistent healthcare no matter where you are in the province
  • Patient information will be available wherever you travel in the health system
  • More than 1,300 independent systems will be brought together
  • Will lead to better outcomes and satisfaction for the patients and families

Frequently Asked Questions

Latest News

After almost one year of consultation with hundreds of physicians, staff and patients, AHS has announced that we are entering contract negotiations with Epic, as the successful vendor in a Request for Proposal (RFP) to help build the AHS Provincial CIS. The AHS Provincial CIS will support Connect Care, an AHS-led initiative to transform healthcare delivery in the province.

Initiative Overview & Status

  • Connect Care will give us tools to help transform the way we provide care
  • We have started developing the foundation for Connect Care
  • This builds on the work AHS clinicians are already doing to support patient care
  • It’s a significant investment in the future of healthcare in Alberta and will take time to put in place
  • AHS Clinical Information Sharing Approach

(Note: If you have trouble viewing this video please use Chrome or Firefox.)

(Note: If you have trouble viewing this video please use Chrome or Firefox.)

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