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Alberta Health Services (AHS) would like to welcome healthcare providers to participate and engage with Connect Care, a new way of using and sharing health information to improve patient care.

AHS is working with Alberta Health to launch the Connect Care Provider Portal (CCPP) via the Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP). With the Connect Care Provider Portal (CCPP), you will have access to information about your patients who receive care from AHS and affiliates. You will be able to track them through their care, giving you a more complete picture of their health information. The Connect Care Provider Portal (CCPP) is free of charge for independent community clinicians in Alberta.

Connect Care is being implemented across AHS between now and the end of 2024. If your patients are receiving care from an AHS site that is using Connect Care, through CCPP, you have the ability to view clinical records associated with those events, as well as track referrals and AHS appointments for procedures or tests.

You can also access historical AHS test results and treatment summaries retroactive to 2017 for all of your patients, no matter where you or your patient is located in Alberta.

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What Is CCPP?

The CCPP allows community providers to view information about their patients from within the AHS record of care. With CCPP you can improve continuity of care for your patients, while ensuring appropriate privacy controls are in place. Seamless access to the CCPP is provided exclusively through Alberta Netcare for healthcare providers, offering a convenient single point of entry. 

Netcare and CCPP are complimentary components of our healthcare system. Netcare offers a comprehensive overview of a patient's health record throughout their lifetime in Alberta, supporting longitudinal care. CCPP, on the other hand, provides detailed information about patients receiving or who have previously received care from AHS, aiding in informed clinical decisions,  — especially for those with complex and chronic needs. This ensures that healthcare teams are well-informed about the patient's healthcare journey, promoting continuity of care. 

By using both Netcare and CCPP, community providers gain a complete understanding of their patients' health status. It's the synergy between these platforms that paints a full picture of your patient's healthcare journey.

As a provider with an independent clinic, here are key benefits of utilizing CCPP in your daily practice:

  • Access patient information quickly to ensure streamlined and efficient care delivery.
  • View the AHS patient chart, including laboratory results, notes, letters, and medications.
  • Track the status of your patient’s referrals, appointments, and tests with AHS.
  • Communicate securely with your patient’s AHS care team. Communicate securely with your patients who have MyAHS Connect, the AHS patient portal that enables AHS patients to interact with their care providers.
  • Receive alerts by email when you have new messages in your inbox (Connect Care InBasket) for review.

AHS has tested CCPP with a small group of independent clinicians and received the following feedback:

This is the first time I have access to this level of information about hospital visits and stays, and the level of continuity to provide patient care. Nice to have answers. Patients assume we have information.

This is the way to go if you need information quick.

Who Is Eligible to Request Access to the Connect Care Provider Portal?

All members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Alberta (CPSA) and Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta (NPAA) are eligible to request access for CCPP. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners also have the option to take responsibility for and grant access to their staff.

To access CCPP, individuals must currently have access to Alberta Netcare. AHS is also considering extending access to other healthcare professionals such as nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and optometrists in the future.

How Can I Register My Clinic for Upcoming Access to CCPP?

  1. Ensure your independent practice has all its privacy controls in place. Your clinic must have an up-to-date Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).
  2. Ensure the providers and staff requesting CCPP already have access to Alberta Netcare.
  3. Determine who will be the “Lead Custodian” for your clinic. The Lead Custodian is the primary point of contact with your clinic. You may be familiar with the concept of the Lead Custodian if your clinic uses Alberta Netcare. The Lead Custodian manages CCPP for a clinic, such as signing the CCPP Privacy and Security Self-Assessment, confirming user accounts once per year and receiving notifications from AHS about the portal. The lead custodian can designate a backup and an administrative person to support them.
  4. If you are interested in using CCPP, the person you select as a Lead Custodian should send an email to identifying your clinic is interested.
  5. Our team will contact you and outline the sign-up process in more detail, provide you with the CCPP Access Agreement, and answer your questions when CCPP becomes available.
  6. When we contact you, we will go through a few steps to verify your identity as a practicing healthcare professional in Alberta. Please be patient with this step. It is important that we assure ourselves that you are eligible to access Albertans’ personal health care information.

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