Patient Information

Edmonton East Health Centre


Parking is available on the west side of 79 ST and 113 Ave.


Patients needing a wheelchair may request one from the registration/unit clerk in the waiting room of FCC/UCC


EEHC is a wheelchair accessible centre; it has elevators and automatic door opening buttons.

Lost and Found

To check for lost items, check with Protective Services at the main entrance of the centre.

Protective Services

Protective Services is responsible for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. Their office is located in the main building, on the ground level.

Staying Connected

Language Interpretation

Interpreters speaking many different languages are available to assist you through our multicultural program. Staff in our clinics can make the necessary arrangements.


Cell phones can be used in general public areas but not in all patient care areas. Watch for signs that show where cell phone use is prohibited.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is accessible for patients and their families. To access, select “healthspot” from the list of available networks, open a web browser, read the acceptable use policy, and select “Accept”.

Your Voice

Conversations Matter

Will your family and health care team know your wishes, in case your ability to speak for yourself becomes affected? Learn more

Patient Feedback

Alberta Health Services values your input; we want to hear from you. Your feedback will help us further improve the quality of Alberta’s health care system. Learn more

Patient-First Strategy

Albertans have told us they want health care that engages patients and families as full partners in their own care. Learn more

Thanks For Caring

If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, now’s your chance. Learn more